Moving to Leigh House, Leeds


Below are some frequently asked questions:

However, if you have any other questions regarding your move to Leigh House, please do not hesitate to contact our support team, who will be happy to assist you.


What is minimum term I can sign for?

The minimum licence term here at Leigh House, Leeds is 3 months, however generally most clients sign for 6 months or more, the longer you sign for the better deal we can do for you! – the decision is yours.


We are expecting to expand quite quickly. Would Leigh House be able to move us into a bigger office space if we needed to?

This is not a problem, we have plenty of office space here at Leigh House (subject to availability), and would be happy for you to move around the building when the time is right, we would arrange to move you when its convenient and you would of course retain your current telephone and fax numbers.


Are there meeting rooms in Leigh House?

Meeting and Conference rooms are available within Leigh House, these can be booked through our reception as and when you require.  Each room benefits from the same level of specification as our serviced office space, providing you with a fantastic environment for your meeting or conference.  Also now available on an hourly basis!!


Can I bring my own telephone system

At Leigh House we have invested in an advanced telephone system which is able to manage your specific requirements, therefore we do not allow tenants to bring their own independent systems – sorry!


I require an 0845 or 0870 number is this possible?

Yes this is not a problem, we can help you identify a suitable supplier should you require, or alternatively if you already have a number you are using then we can help your provider with this simple procedure.


Do you have parking?

Leigh House has extensive Free On Site Parking Facilities, all parking is available to tenants resident in Leigh House and their visitors.


Are the offices at Leigh House Air Conditioned?

With the exception of the smaller offices within Leigh House, all our offices are air conditioned giving you a pleasant working environment.


Are business rates included?

All business rates are included within your licence agreement along with any service charges, no hidden costs!


Do you have any agreements or can you recommend local hotels?

Within the locality of Leigh House are a range of hotels to suit everybody's budget, which we could recommend for any guest which may need to stay overnight.


What agreements do I need to sign?

A licence agreement would be required for the term you wish to commit to, along with Appendices, Direct Debit form etc. (Note:  Proof of ID must be provided with Licence Agreement).


Can I bring my own furniture with me when I move to Leigh House?

All the furniture provided is guaranteed for 5 years, therefore we are happy to provide any furniture requirements you may have.  All offices come with additional storage furniture, i.e. a Bookcase or Side Filer (equivalent to a 4 drawer tall cabinet) or even a cupboard - plenty of space for your additional items!


I need a network and the ability to be connected to my Head Office can this be done?

Yes, if you need a secure network the staff at Leigh House can help you with this, if you do not have your own IT department to assist you we are happy for you to use our own contractor to carry out these works.